The Largest Pool Shotcrete Company in Texas

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Texas Shotcrete Inc. is the largest commercial and residential pool shotcrete company in the state of Texas

Our shotcrete work is used to build intricate swimming pools, spas, water fountains, reinforced tunnels/retaining walls and more. Texas Shotcrete has the competitive advantage in the regional community and in the industry; in the building of water retaining structures, using the wet-mix shotcrete process, and producing its own concrete with the utilization of volume metric mixers.

Texas Shotcrete operates out of McKinney, Texas and conducts most of its business throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area. We have also done and will continue to do work all around the country. Texas Shotcrete is a shotcrete company that provides customers with high-quality work and high-quality product, from a friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

Our goal on every job is to shoot the pool like it was our own.